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This page contains a translation into English of the lyrics to the Egyptian song "Fatoony" (فاتوني), which was popularized by Abdel Halim Hafez. Another way to spell it is "Fatouny".

  • Fatoony (Miss Me), 1955
  • Song Title in Arabic: فاتوني
  • In the Motion Picture Layali el-Hob (Nights of Love)
  • Lyricist: Saleh Jawdat
  • Composer: Riad al-Sombati
  • Original Artist: Abdel Halim Hafez

Song lyrics are provided for educational purposes. If you like the song, please purchase either the album or a download from an authorized source.

About Abdel Halim Hafez

Abdel Halim Hafez was born in 1929 in a village north of Cairo. He was orphaned at a young age. His mother died a few days after giving birth to him, and his father died five years later. After a few years of living in an orphanage, he went to live with his aunt and uncle in Cairo. At age 14, he joined the Arabic Music Institute in Cairo. His big break came in 1953 when he was recruited to do a live radio performance to substitute for another artist who was unable to do it. This performance was heard by Hafez Abdel Wahab, the supervisor of musical programming for Egyptian national radio, and he opened doors for the young artist.

Abdel Halim Hafez was known as both a singer and a movie star. His music, in particular, appealed to young women because of its romantic character. At the peak of his popularity in the 1960's, he was famous both as a singer and as a movie star. He was known as the "Dark Nightingale."




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Arabic Lyrics

English Translation

فاتوني ألتقي وعدي .. وسابوني للأسى وحدي They left me to keep my promise, and left me alone in despair.
بنيت حبي على أوهام .. سكر قلبي من الأحلام My love was built on illusions, my heart was intoxicated with dreams.
وعاش في الوهم يتمنى .. أعيش وياكي في الجنة And it lived in the illusion of wishing that I were living with you in heaven.
وارش الأرض بالحنة .. وانور لك نجوم سعدي And I sprinkled henna on the ground, and you will have the stars of the night.
أنا وانت وانا .. عايشين في هنا You and me, we're living in joy.
الورد هنا والشهد هنا Roses are here, and honey is here.
ليالينا سهر .. على كاس وسمر We are staying up at night, with a glass of wine and good cheer.
والدنيا لنا And the world is ours.
أنا وانت روحين .. في سماك يا هوى You and I are two souls, in your sky, oh passion!
واحنا الاثنين .. بنغني سوا And both of us, we sing together
ونقول يا سلام .. ده كأنه ما نام and we say, "How wonderful!" as if it were a dream
على شوق وغرام .. وفرح وغنا of yearning and passion, and joy and singing.
انا وانت وأنا Me, you, and me.
أنا نجم ظهر .. على ضي قمر I'm a star that appeared in the light of the moon
وانا وانت نغم .. على أحلى وتر You and I are a melody with the sweetest chords.
حكايتنا أمل .. وكلامنا غزل Our story is hopeful, our speech is flirtatious,
على همس .. قبل وحياتنا غنا in a whisper, before our lives, we sang.
انا وانت وانا Me, you, and me.
فاتوني ألتقي وعدي .. وسابوني للأسى وحدي They left me to keep my promise, and left me alone in despair.
سيبيني ألتقي وعدي .. سيبيني للأسى وحدي So, leave me to keep my promise, leave me alone in despair.
أقضي الليل على شمعة .. وأغني وانت مش سامعة I spend the night with a candle, and sing when you are not listening.
أنين دمعة ورا دمعة.. سيبيني للأسى وحدي Sighing with tear after tear. Leave me alone in my despair.



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