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Badia Masabni's Years as a Club Owner: A Timeline



by Shira





This timeline is based on work performed by Priscilla Adum to locate and translate original advertisements and newspaper articles from Arabic to English. Click on the links below inside the timeline to view the original ads and their translations. For more detail about Badia Masabni's career as a club owner, see Priscilla's article The Lady and Her Clubs.

Each year, from June to September the theatrical quarter of Cairo (Emad el-Din and nearby streets) was deserted. Its theaters and salas closed for the summer and their owners relocated the shows to either Alexandria or to open-air resorts in suburbs of Cairo such as Giza. (1)

Badia Masabni's first summer club was in Alexandria, and after that she located in Giza.

Badia Masabni



A TimeLine of Badia Masabni's Years as a Club Owner

Badia Masabni Timeline

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1892 Born in Syria   February 25.
1900 Moved to Argentina    
1907 Returned to Syria    
1926 Opened Sala Badia on Emad el-Din Street in Cairo   November 4. Between Majestic Theater and Semiramis. This was Badia Masabni's first club.
1928 Opened summer club Sala Badia in Alexandria   Opened June 16, closed September 8. This was Badia Masabni's second club.
1928 Badia re-opened Sala Badia on Emad el-Din street.   Reopened on October 20.
*** In 1929, Badia reunited with her husband Naguib el-Rehani, doing 6 theater plays with his troupe over the course of the year. During this time, she focused on the plays, and had little time for her nightclub. ***
1930 Opened Badia's Garden summer club in Giza Beba Ezz el-Din mentioned as one of the performers. May 8. Located where the modern-day Sheraton stands. Next to Al-Galaa Bridge sometimes called English Bridge, Blind Bridge, or Badia Bridge. This was Badia Masabni's third club.
1931 Re-opened Badia's Garden for a new summer season in Giza after remodeling   May 17. Same location as before, but remodeled to include three sections: a movie theater, a formal live-stage theater, and a cabaret serving food and drink.
1933   Taheya Carioca began working for Badia Masabni.  
1934 The movie Ibn el Shaab (Son of the People) was released, with Badia in the cast.    
1935 Badia announced retirement from the stage in order to pursue career in cinema. She continued to own a club and plan shows, but didn't perform herself. She turned over power of attorney to her nephew Antoine Issa so he could run the club while she focused elsewhere.   Announced September 10. This would have been at end of summer season.
1936 The movie Malikat al-Masareh (Queen of Theaters) released, starring Badia.    
1937 The movie El Hal el Akhir (The Final Solution) released, with Badia in the cast.    
1937   Beba Ezz el-Din placed ad announcing her ownership of Casino Bedia on Emad el-Din Street. March 10.
1937 Badia announced re-opening of her summer Casino Badia in Giza   April 30.

Badia announced she was returning to the stage, and opening a new club on Emad el-Din Street next door to her former one that Beba now had.

Badia invited the media to see a preview of her new theater troupe in her new location next door to Beba.

  Opened December 8. New location in Majestic Theater, next door to her original sala. This was Badia Masabni's fourth club.
1939 The movie Layali al Kahira (Cairo Nights) was released, with Badia in the cast.   February 7.
1939 Badia and Beba Ezz el-Din both placed ads next to each other in Al Ahram, both promoting their rival shows in clubs next door to each other.   October 31.
1940 The movie Fatat Mutamarida (A Rebellious Girl) was released, with Badia in the cast.    
1940 Badia reopened summer casino in Giza.   July 15.
1940 Badia opened Casino Opera at Opera Square. First use of a circular stage in Egypt.   November 14. This was Badia Masabni's fifth club.
1946 The movie Om el-Saad (Saad's Mother) was released, with Badia in the cast.    
1950 Badia Masabni left Egypt, moved to Lebanon. Beba Ezz el-Din purchased Casino Opera from Badia Masabni and reopened it under her ownership. October 16.
1951   Beba Ezz el-Din died in a car accident. February 5.
1974 Died.   July 23.



End Notes

(1) Nevill Barbour, "The Arabic Theater in Egypt" in Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies (University of London), Vol. 8, No. 1 (1935), pp. 173-187 (15 pages). Badia Masabni



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