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Opening of Badia Masabni's New Club
December 8, 1938


Translated by Priscilla Adum





This article and publicity advertisement announced Badia Masabni's new club opening next door to the one Beba Ezz el-Din had taken away from her.

Al Ahram
Thursday, December 8, 1938
Page 14

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Badia Masabni



Artists and Journalists at Badia's

Review of the Preview Show

If there is a diligent person in the theater profession in Egypt, then this person is the famous artist Madame Badia Masabni who has made great efforts when it comes to inventing ways to delight and entertain the people of the capital with her dance and show ensemble. Madame Badia has formed a new troupe, and has incorporated into it a select group of faces and bodies that audiences in the capital have never seen before. All the dancers in the troupe are girls that were discovered by her, and were taught the art of dance by Badia, who is considered an expert in the subject.

To solidify the troupe, she has added the brilliant dancer Taheya Carioca, who flew in from Syria by airplane especially to participate with Badia in her new troupe. Taheya's fame in the world of dance isn't limited to Egypt. The people of many other countries where she has previously demonstrated her beautiful art like her too.

Yesterday, Madame Badia invited artists and journalists to see her efforts on the occasion of the opening of her new casino at the Majestic Theater which she has totally renovated and transformed into an Oriental theater and cabaret. It's considered to be a first class casino among the casinos of the capital. What stands out are the beautiful lights and the wonderful colors that decorate the casino on the inside as well as on the outside, and also the great preparations that were made in order to insure the audience's comfort so that each class might find their own suitable space.

She presented an operetta style play written by El Oustaz Abou El Se3oud el Ebiari. Our congratulations on its content, from good tunes and beautiful songs to interesting subject matter and captivating dancing scenes. She presents to the audience all the casino arts combined in this type of play that we believe will be very much admired.

We can't forget to mention the efforts of El Mousekar El Oustaz Farid El Ghosn in composing the music for this grand program which contains both Oriental dance as well as western dances performed by very beautiful dancers who have come especially from abroad. We also can't forget to mention the new singer Mohamed Fawzy who is characterized by the sweetness of his voice, something that singers in Egypt rarely have. He is also one of Madame Badia's discoveries and his singing is considered to be one of the most beautiful highlights of the program.

These are brief words about yesterday's show which indicates that Madame Badia is indeed a creator in her artistic work, and we wish her all the luck and success in it. 

Badia Masabni

Advertisement Next to the Article

Casino and Cabaret Badia

Formerly the Majestic Theater


Antoine Issa

Beginning Today

Boushret Khaier

A three-part Operetta

Performances by Badia Masabni
Taheya Carioca, Badia Sadek, Faiza Roushdy,
Fawazi El Bahr, Fahmy Aman, Mahmoud El Menoufi,
Abdel Halim El Kal3awi, Hasen Ibrahim


The humourous cartoonlike letters next to Badia's picture say:

I'm Badaadaa, I Love Art and My Club is Where Art Is At.

[Translator's note: Badaadaa is a nickname for Badia]

In the Section "Where Will You Go Tonight?"

Casino and Cabaret Badia

The Play: Boushret Khaier
Performances by Badia Masabni 
And the Beloved Dancer Taheya Carioca
Cabaret Starting At Midnight



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