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Al Rabea



This page contains a translation into English of the lyrics to the popular springtime Egyptian song "Adi El Rabi3 3ad Min Tani" ("Spring Has Returned Once More"), which was sung by Farid al-Atrache in the 1949 motion picture Afrita Hanem (The Genie Lady) as Samia Gamal and other women danced in bright springtime dresses.

  • El Rabia (Springtime), 1949
  • Song Title in Arabic: الربيع
  • In the Motion Picture Afrita Hanem (The Genie Lady)
  • Lyrics: Mamoun el-Shennawi
  • Music: Farid al-Atrache
  • Original Artist: Farid al-Atrache

Sometimes this song's title is listed as "Sketch al Rabie", "Addi el Rabbi", "Elrabee", or even simply "Al Rabea". Farid performed this song often at parties celebrating the spring holiday Sham el-Nessim.

Also included is a transliteration of the Arabic lyrics into the Roman alphabet so you can sing along if you like.

Song lyrics are provided for educational purposes. If you like the song, please purchase either the album or a download from an authorized source.

Samia Gamal and Farid al-Atrache

Farid al-Atrache was a multi-talented entertainer of the 20th century. He was a virtuoso at playing the oud, a movie star, a singer, and a composer of music.

Al-Atrache was born in 1915 to parents Prince Fahad Al Atrache and Princess Alia of the Druze people. When he was 8 years old in 1923, his mother brought the family to Egypt to escape the violence of Lebanon, where people were fighting to end the French colonial occupation.

In Egypt, young Atrache became a naturalized Egyptian citizen. As a promising young musician, he was accepted into the conservatory. He became apprenticed to legendary composer Riad al-Sombati, who was known for creating several of Oum Kalthoum's hit songs. As he matured, he became a popular performer as a singer and oud player in Cairo's thriving nightclub scene, working first for Mary Mansour, and later for Badia Masabni. He was discovered by Medhat ‘Aassem who heard him sing in Badia Masabni's club, and recruited him to begin his radio career. Farid went on to enjoy a thriving career in Egyptian cinema, appearing as a leading man in over 30 movies, and composing music for more than 40.

ABOUT THE PHOTO: The photographer who took this photo was Van Leo (Levon Boyadjian), an Armenian-Egyptian known as the photographer to the stars because of his beautiful photos of the celebrities of his day.

Music: Farid al-Atrache

Farid al-Atrache




Arabic Lyrics


English Translation

ادى الربيع عاد من تانى والبدر هلت انواره Adi errabee3 3ad men tani W el badr halet anwaro Springtime has returned, and the light of the full moon appeared
وفين حبيبى اللى رمانى من جنه الحب لناره Wa fen 7abeebi elli ramani men gannet el7oubb lenaro But where is my love who cast me out from love's heaven into its hell?
ايام رضاه يا زمانى هاتها وخد عمرى Ayyam redah ya zamani Hat'ha w khoud omri Oh Time, bring me those happy days and take my life
و اللى رعيته رمانى فاتنى وشغل فكرى Elli ra3eeto ramani fatni w shaghal fikri The one who I took care of cast me out, passed and filled my mind.
كان النسيم غنوه النيل يغنيها kan ennaseem ghinwa enneel ghaneeha The breeze is like a poem sung by the Nile
وميته الحلوه تفضل تعيد فيها Wa maytou el 7elwa Tefdal ta3eed feeha And its beautiful water, it's inviting us to party on the river
وموجه الهادى كان عوده ونور البدر اوتاره Wa maougou elhadi kan 3aoudou wa nour el badr awtarou The calm wave and the rippling moon's rays are like the oud and its strings
يلاغى الورد وخدوده يناجى الليل واسراره ilaghi el ward wa khoudoudou Inagui el leyl wa asrarou It chatters to the roses, and confides secrets to the night
وانغامه بتسكرنا Wa anghamou betsekerna And we are intoxicated by its melody
انا وهو مفيش غيرنا ana w hwa mafeesh gheerna The oud and me, there is no one like us
لمين بتضحك يا صيف لياليك وايامك lamen beted7ak ya seyf Layaleek w ayyamak To whom are your nights and days smiling, oh Summer?

كان لى فى عهدك اليف عاهدنى قدامك
Kan li fi 3ahdak aleef 3ahedni oudamak In your season, I had a companion who promised to be faithful with you as a witness
كان لى فى قلبه طيف يخطر فى احلامك Kan li fi albou teef Youkhtour fi a7lamak That I would leave in his heart a vision that vibrates among your dreams
من يوم ما فاتني وراح men youm ma fatni w ra7 After that day he has abandoned me and gone away.
شدو البلابل نواح shaddou el balabil noua7 The laments of the nightingales have became louder
والورد لون الجراح Wa el ward laoun el guera7 And the rose has become the color of an open wound
مر الخريف بعده دبل زهور الغرام Marr el khareef ba3dou dabil zouhour el gharam And after that, the autumn passed, withering the passion just as it withered the flowers
والدنيا من بعده هوان ويأس والام Wa el dunia men ba3do hawan w yaas w alam And now the world is made of humiliation, despair, and pain
لاالقلب ينسى هواه ولاحبيبى بيرحمنى la el alb insa hawa wa la 7abeebi bir7amni A heart never forgets the love, but my beloved shows me no mercy
وكل ما اقول اه يزيد فى ظلمه ويألمني Wa koull ma aoul ah wa izeed fi zelmou w yalimni And all that I say is just Ah! While he increases his injustice and causes pain to me
والدنيا من بعده هوان ويأس والام Wa el dounia men ba3do hawan w yaas w alam And now the world is made of humiliation, despair and pain
يا ليل يا بدر يا نسمة يا طير يا زهر يا أغصان Ya leyl ya badr ya nesma ya teyr ya zahr ya ughsan Oh night breeze, oh moon, Oh bird on the flower's branches
هاتوا لي م الحبيب كلمة تواسي العاشق الحيران Hatou li mel7abeeb kilma tewasi el 3ashi el 7ayran Bring me a word from my beloved that consoles this confused lover
اخذ ورد الهوى منى وفات لى شوكه يألمنى Akhad ward el hawa meni w fat li shouko w yalimni he took love's rose away from me, and its thorns caused me to suffer pain
ما اعرفش ايه ذنبى غير انى فى حبى اخلصت من قلبى Ma a3rafsh eih zambi gheir inni fi 7oubbi akhlaset men albi I don't know what I did wrong, considering that my heart's love has been sincere to him
وغاب عنى لاكلمنى ولا قال امتى راح اشوفه W ghab 3ani la kalemni wa la al emta ra7ashoufou And he left without talking to me, and didn't even tell me when I'll see him again
واقول يمكن يرحمنى ويبعت فى الربيع طيفه W aoul imken 7air7amni w iba3t fi errabee3 teyfou But maybe he will take pity on me, and will send his picture when next spring comes



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