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واه واه ودان ودانه
Wah Wah Wadana Wadana


This page contains a translation into English of some of the song lyrics to the song "Wah Wah Wadana Wadana". Also included is the transliteration of the Arabic lyrics into the Roman alphabet so you can attempt to sing along if you like.

  • Wah Wah (And Ah, and Ah)
  • Song Title in Arabic: وآه وآه
  • Lyricist: Youssef al-Mehanna
  • Composer: Youssef al-Mehanna
  • Original Artist: Abdel Mohsen Mehanna

Another way the song title has been written is "Wah Wah Adanou Adanou".

Has Also Been Recorded By:

  • Walid Toufic, 1986, on the album Wah Wah
  • Rabeh Saqer, 1993, on the album Mahrajan al-Khuyul al-Khaliji

This song was originally made popular by Kuwaiti singer Abdel Mohsen al-Mehanna (عبد المحسن المهنا), but at this time its popularity remained confined to the Persian Gulf region due to the fact that it was recorded in the Khaliji dialect of Arabic. The composer and lyricist was one of his brothers.

Later, the Lebanese singer Walid Toufic recorded it, and his version became popular throughout the Arabic-speaking world.

On the video titled Nadia Gamal, The Legend, there's a very brief segment where Nadia dances to this song.

About Walid Toufic

When Walid Toufic (وليد توفيق) was young, growing up in Tripoli, Lebanon, he used to sing and play the oud for gatherings of his family and friends. His singing career began when he appeared on television, on a program called "'Studio Al-Fan". He was an instant hit in the media, and became known as "The amateur that in no time sparkled like a star."

Unfortunately, the rise of the civil war in Lebanon led Toufic to continue his career elsewhere. He lived in Damascus, Syria for 10 years, pursuing a career in both singing and acting. After a time, he moved on to Egypt to continue his show business career. He appeared as an actor-singer in the movie Man Yatfi Al-Nar (Who's Putting the Fire Out?) which featured his major hit, "Inzal Ya Gameel".

Other ways to transliterate his name include "Walid Tawfik" or "Waleed Tawfiq".

Walid Toufic



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Note Sung by Orchestra MB
Note Sung by Bassam Ayoub on Raks Balady



Numbers in parentheses refer to footnotes that appear at the bottom of the translation.

Arabic Lyrics


English Translation

واه واه ودان ودانه Wah wah, wadana, wadana Oh, oh, wadana(1), wadana,
واه أموت في حبك أنا Wah amoot bi hobbak ana Oh, I'm dying for your love for me.
واه واه أجيلك أجيلك Wah wah aghilak aghilak. Oh, oh, I come to you.
واه واه ملزوم أنا أجيلك Wah wah ana aghilak. Oh, oh, I come to you.
واه واه شوقي بناديلك Wah wah shosi banadeelak. Oh, oh, longing, I call to you.
واه واه وهمي بشكيلك Wah wah hammi bash kilak Oh, oh, worries, I tell you about them.
واه والعين سهرانة Wal ein sahrana. And my eye stays awake all night.
واه واه .. في قربك Wah wah bi ourbak. Oh, oh, close to you.
واه واه .. في بعدك Wah Wah bi bouhdak. Oh, oh, far away from you.
واه واه .. حياتي وانشغالي فيك Wah wah hayaati winchi ghali feek. Oh, oh, my life, I'm kept busy with thoughts of you.
واه واه .. أنا بحبك Wah wah ana bahebbak Oh, oh, my love
واه واه .. والله وحبك Wah wah wallah wa hobbak. Oh, oh, and your love.(2)
واه واه .. بناتي والروح تبغيك Wah wah banati birrouh bifdeek. Oh, oh, With the soul.
واه واه .. ويا ليت يا ليتك Wah wah Ya leyt tirjaali yaleytak Oh, oh, I wish, I wish that you would come back to me.
يا ليتك Ya reyt I wish.
واه عسى الله يهديك Wah attallah yehdeek. Oh, show you the way.
  1. "Wadana" is a nonsense word, similar to "tra la la".
  2. Literally, "and God and your love".



Where to Get Recordings of This Song

Album Title

Album Artist

Name of Track


Mezdeke Volume 06MezdekeYa Selam Al Beledi3:54
Raks BaladyBassem AyyoubWah Wah5:40



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