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Arab Song Translations

By Lennie Clark


From Lennie Clark's Web Site:

سنتين وانا احايل
Sanateen Wana Hayyil

(For Two Years)



This page contains a translation into English of the lyrics to "Sanateen Wana Hayyil", which has been recorded by Leila Murad, Fadl Shaker, Hossam Ramzy, Khalil Abboud, and others.

Other ways to spell this song title are "Sanatein Wanahayel Feek" or "Sanatein Wana Hayil Beik", "Sanatein Wala 7ayel Fik", "Sanatein Wana Hayel Feek".

  • Sanateen Wana Hayyil (For Two Years)
  • Song Title in Arabic: سنتين وانا احايل
  • Language: Arabic, Egyptian Dialect
  • Music: Raouf Zohni
  • Lyrics: Mamoun el-Shennawi
  • Original Artist: Leila Murad

About Leila Murad

Leila Murad was a Jewish-Egyptian singer and actress whose popularity soared during the Golden Era of Egyptian movie musicals. Her father was a singer and religious cantor, and her brother Mounir Murad achieved success as an actor and music composer.

Murad was born February 17, 1918. At age 9, she made her stage debut at a new nightclub, Sala Badia, which Badia Masabni had just opened the previous year. At age 15, she made her debut on the silver screen, in the movie El Dahya (The Victims). This film had originally been released as a silent movie in 1932. However, it was reworked to add sound to it, and re-released in 1935 with Leila Murad performing a song in it.

Over the course of her career, Murad performed more than 1,000 songs, and appeared in 27 films.




Note from Shira: Two different translations of this song have been contributed to this web site. I have decided to make both available. Song lyrics are poetry, and it can be challenging for a translator to communicate nuances of meaning. By having multiple translations to use, you can explore different people's ideas on how to convey these nuances.


Khaled Hegazzi's Version

Two years have passed
And I have tried to restore our love
The tears in my eyes are calling you
You are the cause of my pain
Yet still I call you my love
I have endured one year and two
In this lonely struggle
Where has your passion and your love gone?
How have you forgotten the old days
If you could leave your anger for one day
Sleep would return and lead me to dreams
Two years have passed and my tears still call you
You have forgotten the promise of our hearts
And denied the existence of our love
Your beauty is beyond my sight
But I find you wherever I go


VivaPalestina's Version

Arabic Lyrics


English Translation

سنتين وانا احايل فيك Sintayn wa ana ahayil fik Two years [have passed] and I'm begging you [to come back to me].
ودموع العين تناديك Wa domoa alaaiin tnadik And the tears in my eyes are calling you -
يا سبب تعذيبي Ya sabab taazibi you, the reason for my pain.
والاسم حبيبي Wil ism habibi Yet still I name you as my love.
سنتين Sintayn Two years.
اتحمل سنه واثنين Athamal sana wa itnayn I've been patient for a year, and two.
والوحده عذاب وهوان wil wihda aazab wa hawan And the loneliness is torture and pain.
فين حبك وشوقك فين Fain hobak wa shoqak fain Where's your love and passion, where?
فين عطفك عليه زمان Fen aatfak aalay zaman Where's your tenderness towards me from times past?
يا سبب تعذيبي Ya sabab taazibi The reason for my pain.
والاسم حبيبي Wil ism habibi Yet still I name you as my love.
سنتين Sintayn Two years.
يا ناسي عهود قلبين Ya nasi aahood albayn You're the one who has forgotten the promises of two hearts,
وغرامك كأنه ما كان Wa a'aramak kaqino ma kan and [you've forgotten] your love as though it never was.
دا جمالك بعيد عـ العين Da gamalak baaid aalaayn Your beauty is far from my eyes,
وخيالك في كل مكان Wa khayalak fi kol makan but your presence is everywhere.
يا سبب تعذيبي Ya sabab taazibi The reason for my pain.
والاسم حبيبي Wil ism habibi Yet still I name you as my love.
سنتين Sintayn Two years.
لو تنسى خصامك يوم Law tinsa khosamak youm If you could forget your argument for
يوم واحد من الأيام Youm wahed min ilayam just one day,
وتصالح علي النوم Wa tsaleh aala alnowm I could find peace in sleep.
وتفوتني مع الاحلام Wa tfowitni maa il ahlam And let me enter into your dreams.
يا سبب تعذيبي Ya sabab taazibi The reason for my pain.
والاسم حبيبي Wil ism habibi Yet still I name you as my love.
سنتين Sintayn Two years.



Where to Get Recordings of this Song

Album Title

Album Artist

Name of Track


Ya Salaam Reda Darwish Senatin 2:59
El Amar Hossam Ramzy Sanateen Wanahayel Feek 4:56
Golden Days and Enchanting Nights Leyla Lanty Sanateen Wana Hayyil 8:00


Golden Days, Enchanting Nights


Artist: Khalil Abboud
CD Title: Golden Days, Enchanting Nights

El Amar CD Cover


Listen to Clip

Artist: Hossam Ramzy
CD Title: El Amar

Layla Murad CD Cover  

Artist: Layla Murad
CD Title: Sanatain Wana Ahayel Feek

Fadl Shaker CD Cover  

Artist: Fadl Shaker
CD Title: Sa'eet Tarab Maa Fadl Shaker

Story of Arabic Song CD Cover  

Artist: Various
CD Title: The Story of Arabic Song

"Sanateen Wana Hayel Feek" is sung on this album by Layla Murad.



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About the Translator

The first translation was created by Khaled Hegazzi of New Orleans, Louisiana.

The second translation was created by "VivaPalestina" from the forum at

About the Source

This article originally appeared on Lennie Clark's web site, "Arabic Song Translations." Lennie created this web site in 2002 as a response to discussion on the Internet regarding incidents of dancers who performed inappropriate sensual dances to religious music. Lennie's web site resided on a free web hosting service known as Geocities.

When the planned October 2009 closure of the Geocities web hosting service was announced, Lennie and Shira agreed to move the contents of Lennie's site to To explore all the articles and song translations that once appeared on Lennie's Geocities site, visit Lennie's portal page here on

Lennie Clark



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