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عيني بترف
Eini Betref

(My Eyes Are Glazed Over)



This page contains a translation into English of the lyrics to the Egyptian song "Eini Betref", which was popularized by Leila Murad and Naguib el-Rehani. Other ways to transliterate the song title include "Aini Bet Ref", "A3yni Bet Rif", "Eainy Betref", "Eainy Petref", or "Einy Betreff".

  • Eini Betref (My Eyes Are Glazed Over), 1949
  • Song Title in Arabic: عيني بترف
  • In the Motion Picture Ghazal al-Banat
  • Lyricist: Hussein al-Sayed
  • Language: Egyptian Dialect of Arabic
  • Composer: Mohamed Abdel Wahab
  • Original Artist: Leila Murad and Naguib el-Rehani as a duet

This is a different song from another named "Eini Betref" that was recorded by Karem Mahmoud.

Song lyrics are provided for educational purposes. If you like the song, please purchase either the album or a download from an authorized source.

About Leila Murad

Leila Murad was a Jewish-Egyptian singer and actress whose popularity soared during the Golden Era of Egyptian movie musicals. Her father was a singer and religious cantor, and her brother Mounir Murad achieved success as an actor and music composer.

Murad was born February 17, 1918. At age 9, she made her stage debut at a new nightclub, Sala Badia, which Badia Masabni had just opened the previous year. At age 15, she made her debut on the silver screen, in the movie El Dahya (The Victims). This film had originally been released as a silent movie in 1932. However, it was reworked to add sound to it, and re-released in 1935 with Leila Murad performing a song in it.

Over the course of her career, Murad performed more than 1,000 songs, and appeared in 27 films.



Watch the Movie Scene with This Song

Watch the movie scene in Ghazal al-Banat where Leila Murad and Naguib el-Rehani perform the song.




This translation is based on the version of the song performed by Leila Murad and Naguib al-Rehani as a duet in the movie Ghazal al-Banat.

Who Sang It

Arabic Lyrics

English Translation

Naguib el-Rehani عينى بترف وراسى بتلف My eyes are glazed over, and my head is damaged,
  وعقلى فاضل له دقيقة ويخف and my mind is virtuous for a minute.
Leila Murad عينه بترف وراسه بتلف His eyes are glazed over, and his head is damaged,
  وعقله فاضل له دقيقة ويخف and his mind is virtuous for a minute.
Naguib el-Rehani تسمحيلى كلمة واحدة Allow me one word.
Leila Murad قول يا نور العين Say it, oh light of my eye!
Naguib el-Rehani بدى اعرف نفسى اعرف احنا رايحين فين I want to know where we are going.
Leila Murad رايحين ع البلد اللى تجمع شمل العشاق We are going to the country that reunites lovers.
  نفرح ونغنى ونودع عهد الاشواق We rejoice, sing, and bid farewell to the time of longing.
Naguib el-Rehani والله انا حاسس By God, I feel...
Leila Murad ايه What?
Naguib el-Rehani لا ما فيش No, I don't want to say it.
Leila Murad حاسس بايه قول ما تخبيش I feel like saying what you're hiding.
Naguib el-Rehani حاسس بمصيبه جا يالى I feel bad luck is on its way.
Leila Murad يا لطيف يالطيف Oh cute, oh cute!
  عايزة حاجه I want something.
Naguib el-Rehani حاجة تاكلى I need to eat.
Leila Murad اكل ايه What should we eat?
Naguib el-Rehani امال عايزة ايه What do you want, Amal?
Leila Murad عايزه افرح عايزه اغنى عايزه ابوسك مش عارفه ليه I want to be happy, I want to be richer, I want to kiss you, I don't know why.
Naguib el-Rehani يالطيف يا لطيف Cute, oh cute.
Leila Murad جبتك معايا عشان تقاسمى ليلة هنايا وفجر غرامى I brought you with me to share a happy night and see the dawn of my love,
  وانا لى مين غيرك يشاركنى فرحة امالى وهنا ايامى and I have no one but you to share with me the joy of my hopes and my days.
Naguib el-Rehani علشانك انت انكوى بالنار .. والقح جتتى Because you are burning with fire, I came
  وادخل جهنم وانشوى واصرخ واقول يادهوتى and went to hell and roasted and screamed and said, "Oh my God!"



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Rough Guide to Bellydance Ahmed Mneimneh Aini Bet Ref 4:04



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