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This page contains a translation into English of the lyrics to the Egyptian song "Mateegy", which was sung by Hakim. Also included is a transliteration of the Arabic lyrics into the Roman alphabet so you can sing along if you like.

About Hakim

Hakim is known worldwide as a superstar of Egypt's musical genre known as shaabi. He used modern instruments such as bass guitar and keyboard to bring an updated sound to the traditional music, and added a beat that proved to be a hit on dance floors in the discos.

As a child in the town Maghagha, Hakim formed his own band and played shaabi hits made popular in the past by Ahmed Adawiyya and others. His father, the mayor of the town, pressured him to attend the University of el-Azhar in Cairo, in hopes Hakim would follow a professional career path instead of music. However, once in Cairo, Hakim made contact with the musicians of the Cairo cafes and received organic musical training.

Following graduation, he returned to his musical path. He formed a band back in Maghagha, which quickly became popular around the province of Minya.

Today, Hakim enjoys superstar status, known for his innovative fusion of traditional music with a modern day pop sound. He has won much acclaim, including the prestigious Kora Award in 2000 for the category Best North African Singer.





Arabic Lyrics

English Translation

Mateegy aish Ya Sho' "Love" lets live
Naesh ma mezweth nefsenna live with each other
Il hod ne e lel Ya Sho' in the comfort of the night
Nonenes ba denna and love each others company (alone)
Teegy Teegy we ann agy come, come and I'll come
Alla rahty we mazagy I'm in the mood for your comfort
Naesh sha sho Happiness comes to us
Yagena el fah nensa el garh We forget the wound and for get the suffering
Nensa layali ah! nights yes!
Ana wenta we bass ne doob we nehes Garh zaman ninsah Me and you only, the old wound we forget
Ya hod no el hob narek ne hob we The love takes us, soft, we love and forget the
Nensa el donya maah whole world
Oly ha nehzan ley nezal le Tell me why we get sad now we're sulking
Alla ely nesena, ma leyalina (annoyed) Because from who forgot about us,
We sabna we bass le foo With our nights and looked down on us
Ewa tfakka fee ow teelagyee seebak seebak men elly ya seebak Don't think about him, let go who let you go
Bukra meseroh y foo Tomorrow he will wake up
La matfakkaneesh sebny aish No don't remind me let me live
Waya khayali we rahet baly ahda we With my imagination and sound mind
Baly eh roh And I calm down and clear my head
eh yestahel eh nebky alle aish eyamak ensa What's it worth to cry for? Live your days
allanak Menohamak foo forget your pains wake up from your illusions



Translations Of
Hakim's Songs on This Site

Translations on this web site of songs performed by Hakim include:

  • Beni wa Benak (Between You and Me)
  • Efred (Assume)
  • El Bo'd Laa Laa (No No to Being Apart). This song is also known as "La La La La", and it appears on a Mezdeke album under the title of "Le Le Yere Milheve.")
  • Mateegy (Come!)



About the Translator

I would like to thank Zurina Ali from Australia for sharing this translation with my web site and me. She was in Egypt studying Arabic in 2005, and did this translation while there.

Zurina is the Principal/Director of The Belly Dance School in Newcastle, Australia. Zurina has been performing for 6 years and teaching for 5 years. In 2005 Zurina was living in Egypt while performing and studying dance with Randa Kaamel, Mirvat Monguie and other great performers and teachers. Also while in Cairo Zurina commenced her Egyptian Arabic language studies, which she continues with her Egyptian friends in Newcastle.

Zurina may be contacted at:

The Belly Dance School
P.O. Box 474, Jesmond, NSW, 2299, Australia
Telephone: (+61) 2 4950 1118
Mobile: (+61) (0)412 723 735
Web Site:

Photo of Zurina Ali



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