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Batwanes Beek
(You're Always With Me)



This page contains a translation into English of the song lyrics for "Batwanes Beek". Also included is a transliteration into the Roman alphabet of the original Arabic lyrics. This song was first popularized by Warda El Gaza'iriya.

Song lyrics are provided for educational purposes. If you like the song, please purchase either the album or a download from an authorized source.

About Warda El Gaza'iriya

Warda El Gaza'iriya was an Algerian singer who achieved fame in Egypt. Her name meant "Warda, the Algerian", but she was also often referred to as simply "Warda", which means "Rose". She was born in Paris to an Algerian father and a Lebanese mother, and began her music career there in the 1950's.

Her father ran a cabaret named the TAM-TAM which featured prominent artists such as Farid al-Atrache. After the Algerian war of independence began in 1956, her family needed to leave Paris due to her father being caught aiding the rebellion. They moved to Lebanon, where Warda began singing in the nightclubs of Beirut.

In 1959, Warda met the composer Mohamed Abdel Wahab, who began to train her in the classical style of singing. This led to an introduction to Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, who suggested she be cast in a pan-Arab opera.

This opened more doors, and she moved to Egypt to pursue a career there in music and cinema. There she achieved great success, working with the great composers of her time. Her repertoire included 300 songs, and her records sold tens of millions of copies.

Lyrics: Omar Batiesha
Music: Salah El Sharnobi



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Sung by Warda



Arabic Lyrics

English Lyrics

Part I:

Part I:

Batwanes beek wa enta m'aya I cherish your company when you are with me
Batwanes beek wa bala'i fi 'orbek dunyaya I cherish your company and I find my world when you are close to me



Lama 'et'arab 'ana batwanes beek When you get close I cherish your company
Wa lama beteb'ad 'ana batwanes beek When you are far I feel your presence
Wa khayalek bikoun wayaya wayaya And your image is with me
Wa enga'h soutek, soutek bewanasni And the thought of your voice comforts me
Wa hawak fil bou'd, fil bou'd beyahrousni And your love protects me from far away
Wa shouq 'enadilek gouwaya And love is calling you from deep inside me
Wana, wana, wana, wana, wana, wana, And me, and me, and me, and me, and me, and me
'Ana 'ana 'ana 'ana 'ana 'ana Me, me, me, me, me, me
Betwanas beek wa 'enta ma'aya I cherish your company when you are with me

Part II:

Part II:

Bitmour s'at ba'ad louana Hours pass after our rendezvous
Wa rouh liwugudek 'atchana And my soul is thirsty claiming your presence
Tewahashni 'ayneek I miss your eyes so much
Wa bal' edounya ba'it fadya And though the world seems empty
Ma'a 'eni enaas rayha wa gaya Even though the crowds are coming and going
Wa ana bahlem beek I am dreaming of you
'Ala toul fi khayali banadeelek I am always calling for you
Wa ba'oul ya 'atgini ya hagilek And I tell myself either you come to me or I'll come to you
Men gheer mawa'id Without any rendezvous
Wa yadoubek wa fi nefss 'esanya Oh! If I could in an instant
Ba l'ik 'oudami ya 'aneya Find you next to me, you the apple of my eye
Wa el'id fil 'id And we are holding hands





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Batwannes Beek by Warda


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Artist: Warda
CD Title: Batwanness Beek

Music for the Hips CD Cover


Artist: DJ Nader
CD Title: Music for the Hips



Translations of
Warda's Songs On This Site

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About the Translator

This translation and transliteration of "Batwanes Beek" appear courtesy of Khedaoudj (Khedi). She teaches a choreography to this song in some of her workshops.

Khedi is originally from Algeria, and now lives in Austin, Texas. Although she never dances in public for cultural reasons, she does teach Oriental dance classes and workshops for belly dancers. Many thanks to Khedi for sharing this song!

Khedi (Khedaoudj), came to the United States in 1972 from Algeria to pursue a degree in education at the University of Texas at Austin. When she began to teach dance at the YWCA and the university, she became the first Middle Eastern dance teacher in Austin. She returned to Algeria after completing her studies. Later, she moved with her family to Saudi Arabia to work. While there, she was able to observe, first hand, the richness and the diversity of lifestyle and dance.

With degrees in Biology and Education, Khedi has taught children in primary and high school in several countries. She is multilingual and has traveled extensively in North Africa, the Middle East, Europe , Asia , and North and South America.

In 1986, the Megateli family moved to Washington, D.C. where Khedi taught school and did very little dance teaching until 1997 when she returned to Austin. Today, she has returned to teaching the dance that women dance for themselves and she added stage presence and charisma. She stresses technique, music interpretation and individual styling.

Khedi is best known for her stylized arm and hand movements and for the creativity and femininity she brings to the dance. As a class or workshop teacher she provides a lot of background information. Her style, both in performance and in teaching, is passionate and soulful. Her dancing will reach your soul and spirit and draw you back again and again to this rich source of information and inspiration.

Because she is a native of North Africa, Khedi is able to bring a perspective to her teaching and choreography that most teachers in other parts of the world don't have. She selects moves that coordinate with the lyrics, and teaches the meaning behind certain movements that have a particular cultural context. She is able to mix the richness of North African and Egyptian rhythms, coming up with unique ways of catching all the beats in drum solos.

A quote from Khedi: "When I dance I am really meditating rather then performing for an audience. I am completely absorbed by the music and the steps I choose to respond to the music".


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