Dances of Ecstacy
by Michelle Mahrer & Nicole Ma

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If you have the two-DVD set titled Dances of Ecstacy, this poll refers to DVD 1 in that set, the documentary of movement meditations in many cultures around the world.

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The above poll includes responses submitted since March 21, 2004.

If you wish to vote in the poll for DVD 2 in the two-DVD set which features a workout led by Gabrielle Roth, please see the separate poll for The Power Wave.

To purchase this video from Amazon:

Item in U.S. in Canada in United Kingdom

DVD Edition with Both Dances of Ecstasy and Power Wave U.S.
All Regions
All Regions
U.K.or U.K.
All Regions

To my knowledge, this video has never been released on VHS tape.

(Amazon's claim that the DVD version is Region 1 is wrong. Amazon doesn't offer a way for sellers to indicate that their DVD's support multiple regions, so they're forced to pick just one. I have personally tested this DVD and found it to enable all regions. The package states that it is all regions.)

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