Shira's Video Information Survey

What kinds of information about belly dancing videos would you like to see added to Shira's Video Center in the future? Here's your chance to offer your feedback!

Bellydancing Bellydance Bellydancers

About You

What is your level of Middle Eastern dance skill? Non-dancer who just likes to watch
Total novice (haven't started learning yet but want to, or less than 6 months belly dancing)
Somewhat experienced beginner - studied 6 months or more
Advanced or professional
Non-dancer but involved (musician, vendor, etc.)
Have you ever bought a video or made a decision to avoid a video based on one of my reviews? Yes
Don't know
Do you usually agree with my reviews or disagree? Usually agree
Agree about half the time
Usually disagree
Don't know
Please tell me what you think about my reviews. Why do you like or dislike them? How could I improve them?

Your E-Mail Address

It's optional, but I invite you to provide it in case I want to send a reply to you.

For example, if you say later in this survey that you'd like to see a review of Best of Bertha, and if I have that video in my collection, I might want to send you a reply saying that because you asked for it I'll choose it to review Bertha's video next.

Bellydancing Bellydance Bellydancers

Information Needed?

Other than reviews of specific videos, what kind of information do you wish you had about belly dancing videos? (Check all that apply.) How to find out which videos are good
How to persuade your local library to stock belly dance videos
Define technology terms: PAL vs NTSC, DVD regions, etc.
Advice for camera operators on filming performances
How to produce & sell your own video
Other, please describe:

Bellydancing Bellydance Bellydancers

Which Types of Videos
Related to Middle Eastern Music, Dance, & Culture
Are You Looking For?

What type of video are you most interested in seeing reviews for at this time? Dance instruction
Fitness workout
Related instruction (costume, makeup, etc.)
Hollywood movies with belly dance scenes or Middle Eastern setting
Other, please describe:
Don't know
Not interested in seeing any reviews
Which type of instructional video do you most want to read reviews about? Basic moves for brand-new beginner
Continuing education beyond the basics
One of these Specialties:
     Choreography Instruction
     Single veil, double veil, cape
     Finger cymbals
     Floor work
     Balancing (sword, candle, shamadan, etc.)
     Costuming or make-up
     Folkloric dances
Other, please describe:
Not interested in instructional at all
Don't know
Which type of performance videos do you most want to read reviews about? Famous dancers in Egypt, Lebanon, or Turkey
Skilled artists "over here" doing "typical belly dance" performances
Experimental or avant-garde shows and/or fusion
Folkloric dances
Romany (Gypsy) dance
Sensuous/erotic interpretations
Other, please describe:
Not interested in performance videos at all
Don't know

Belly Dance Music

Which Specific Videos Should I Review Next?

Currently, there are about 40 video reviews on my web site. I have over 80 videos in my collection. By answering the questions below, you'll help me prioritize which to choose next for review.

Video #1

Why do you think this is an important video to review?

Video #2

Why do you think this is an important video to review?

Video #3

Why do you think this is an important video to review?

Bellydancing Bellydance Bellydancers

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