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Hands Off Hips for Torso Isolations!


A Belly Dance Tip by Saqra




Hands Off Hips for Rib Work!

If you are guilty of placing your hands on your hips whenever you start to do rib cage circles or other torso isolations, please take this as friendly advice instead of as a flat-out criticism. 

There is a very common dancer mannerism of putting your hands on your hips every time you do rib work.  It is an obvious body mechanics move that distracts the audience. It visually removes the physical grace and strength from those isolations.

Your hands should be part of your entire appearance. Slamming your hands suddenly onto your hips to execute a rib move makes it look awkward and unpracticed.

Everyone should be capable of learning to execute rib work without their hands on their hips — so please make a point of practicing with your hands in other positions to avoid patterning in this tic.

I really noticed this when I was transferring 35-40 years of bellydance videos from VHS to DVD for a move. I saw many, many dance performances, one after another. It reminded me of many follow-through issues, stagecraft, and stage use details that should be on our radar for every performance.

Your mileage may vary, but you will look more professional going there!

PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by Michael Baxter, Santa Clara, California.




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