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Belly Dance Tips for Arms


By Saqra




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Creating Illusions

Colored arm bands that match your costume bra make your bust look larger because they carry the color out to the side.

Gauntlets that go elbow to hands carry the color down and actually make your bust look narrower.

When your arms are posed down at your sides your elbows should be bent outward away from your waist. This not only gives a nice line to the pose, but it also takes advantage of something called a "corner illusion", making your waist look considerably smaller. This only works if your hands are at hip level, and not if your hands are at your waist.

It isn't about how big or small your parts are. it is about enhancing the visual separation between the parts by any way available.

PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by Michael Baxter, Santa Clara, California.





Four Things Hands & Arms Can Do

There are four things your hands/arms can do:

  2. Be statically posed
  3. Be meshed with your dance steps
  4. Make large geometric movements that are NOT attached to your dance steps

All four should generally occur in a choreography.

PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by Michael Baxter, Santa Clara, California.




Position Transition

When re-positioning your arms during a series of movements, bring your hands in to your chest before extending them back out into a new position. It will give a fresh and controlled appearance to many different arm placements.

Sample sequence:

  1. Both arms out at shoulder height
  2. Touch fingertips together just above and in front of your chest
  3. Extend one arm up and one arm out at shoulder height

PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by Michael Baxter, Santa Clara, Californa.




Avoid Underarm Flapping

Turn your elbows to the back when you extend your arms out to the side. This will help reduce underarm flapping (what people often call "Bingo Wings") when you shimmy.

Note: make sure you don't turn your palms to the back wall.

PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by Michael Baxter, Santa Clara, California.




Don't Lock Arms

When you throw your arms out fully extended for a dramatic moment do not lock your arms!

Your arms can be straight as straight can be, but they should never go all the way to lock.

Why? Because most people's arms will appear to hyperextend and the elbows will look bent slightly backwards. This does two things:

  1. It makes an unattractive sprung armed shape.
  2. Most importantly, it breaks the 70% rule. The 70% rule says never move as hard or as far as you can in performance because your audience can feel when you have hit your maximum movement.

Your goal is to look infinite and timeless in your movement. Don't tell your audience you have limits. Your mileage might vary, but only if your elbows don't naturally bend a little backwards.




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