Opinion Poll:
Professionalism Expected on Belly Dance Videos?

What level of professionalism do you think is important to apply to belly dancing videos? This poll invites you to tell us what you think!

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1) Do you think the existence of videos with poor production quality cheapens the image of our dance in the eyes of the public?
Yes, I'm embarrassed by the quality of many belly dance videos.
Such videos might affect the reputation of the dancer or producer, but not of our dance form as a whole.
Maybe, but I don't think it's a big issue.
I don't think it's an issue at all.
I've never really thought about it.
None of the above.
2) How important is a video's production quality to YOU?
Not important at all.
As long as I can see and hear okay, the rest doesn't matter.
Production quality matters, but not strongly.
Production quality is very important.
None of the above.
3) Do you try to find out what kind of production quality a video has before buying it?
Yes, I check reviews and ask other people about the quality.
Sometimes I check, but not always.
I don't check on production quality before buying.
None of the above.
4) Which of the following are you most willing to buy, assuming it covers a style/topic you like?
Anything with my favorite dancer/topic, no matter how bad the production quality or how high the price.
The cheapest one, no matter how bad the production quality is.
A homemade no-frills one with adequate light and sound, but only if the price is low.
A high-end homemade one that has been polished a bit with video editing software, even if it costs a little more.
A professionally-produced one that costs twice as much as the cheapest one.
None of the above.
5) Assuming the instructor/information interests you, what is the MOST you willing to pay for a 1-hour video that is no-frills homemade production quality?
$20 (33 cents per minute) or lower
$25 (42 cents per minute)
$30 (50 cents per minute)
$35 (58 cents per minute)
$40 (67 cents per minute)
$45 (75 cents per minute) or higher

Poll reflects votes since January 8, 2007.

Thanks for submitting your own vote! Please come back and check periodically to see what the consensus is from everyone!

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