Opinion Poll:
VHS Tape, VCD, or DVD?

Belly dance video producers must decide whether to release their products on VHS tape, VCD, or DVD. Does it matter to you which they choose, or will you buy it regardless of which media is offered as long as you hear good things about the contents? Do you have the equipment to play both disk and tape?

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1) Do you use a VCR to watch some of your belly dance videos?
I no longer own a VCR, I have only DVD.
I burned all my old VHS tapes to DVD but kept the VCR "just in case".
I kept my VCR to watch my old videos, but I don't like to use it. I much prefer DVD.
I still use my VCR frequently, but I buy new VHS tapes only when the video isn't available on DVD.
I prefer to use my VCR instead of my DVD player, and I prefer to buy new videos on VHS tape.
I use only VHS tapes on a VCR. I don't use DVD at all.
None of the above.
2) Do you use a DVD player to watch some of your belly dance videos?
I use only DVD. I no longer have a VCR to play VHS tapes.
I can play both DVD's and VHS tapes on my television.
I don't have a DVD player attached to my television, but I frequently watch DVD's on my computer.
I don't have a DVD player yet, but hope to get one soon.
I'm happy with VHS tapes and have no interest in buying DVD equipment.
None of the above.
3) Which do you prefer to buy, DVD's or VHS tapes?
I buy only VHS tapes.
I prefer to buy VHS tapes, but will buy VCD or DVD if the video is not available on VHS.
I buy only VCD.
I buy only DVD.
I buy either VCD or DVD, but never VHS tapes.
I prefer to buy VCD or DVD, but will buy VHS tape if VCD/DVD version not available.
None of the above.
4) Should DVD producers have pressed copies of the disks manufactured, or are burned ones acceptable?
I buy either burned or pressed DVD's, it doesn't matter.
I prefer pressed disks but I'm willing to buy burned ones.
Burned disks don't play well on my equipment so I avoid them.
I don't know the difference between burned and pressed.
None of the above.

Poll reflects votes since August 9, 2005.

Thanks for submitting your own vote! Please come back and check periodically to see what the consensus is from everyone!

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