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Lost and Found


By Rose Salinas




earthbound tribulations encroach
time for dancing heavily poached
willpower and bones melt and laze
brain and body drift in a daze

control falters, steps forgotten
teachers, mentors, friends forsaken
music fades, zils rust
sequins crumble to glitter dust

limbs stiffen, fingers curl tight
knees creak, appetite takes flight
hair lack-luster in disarray
dancer's soul starts to slip away

abandoned guard, slumbering motivation
creeping reptile, this thing depression
insecurities that were run to ground
sit impatiently in lost and found

dropped dreams, numbed heart
bump back along an old-time rut
empty husk, deadened eyes
might as well be feast for flies

don't give up! rake shroud from face
no rats or rules, just survivor's race
no shining knight, white horse or favor
reality is you-not world-as your enslaver

shake off imagined manacles, get a grip
back to basics is not a long trip
artist's heart knows beauty, passion, desire
life without them... light the pyre

distant drums, intimate ayoub and beledi
listen closely, rhythmic chiffitelli
lift me from self-imposed abyss
remind me — hair shirt is all I'll miss

PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by Pixie Vision, Glendale, California.




About the Poet

About Rose M. Salinas, in her own words (in 2004):

Hard to believe I submitted my first poem to Shira seven years ago. That poem, Butterflies, is still a favorite as it expresses my belly dance beginnings. I have since performed with Karen Barbee's Karavan Dance troupe in San Antonio, Texas, over the years and most recently with a troupe based in Maryland. I cannot begin to explain what this art has done for me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The courage it has taken me to look at myself in the mirror and to perform on stage has blessed the rest of my life. I finally had the courage to leave a job I hated, to sell everything that did not fit in my car, and move from Texas to Washington, DC. Now I have a job I love and the time to enjoy the rest of my life. I have been able to indulge my other passions, such as horses and painting and even make money at both. Life is good!

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