Eye Over You

by Jack Wells

The hand of fate has brought us together
so the storms of life we two may weather
hand in hand we won't look back
finding together what in ourselves we lack
with Terra Firma a realm we'll share
and onto planes where angels dare
and I'll face the emotions and experiences new
with an eye to the future and an eye over you

Utchat: An Eye Over You

I know this as I know my name
the path we walk is one and same
through violent flurries and lazy calms
our minds devoid of anger and qualms
a journey long but with reward
with the faith in our dreams restored
at your side I wait for all to come true
with an eye to the future and an eye over you

jack wells

Poetry inspired by ancient Egypt

About This Poem

A friend of Jack's is particularly fond of the utchat (all-seeing eye) symbol from ancient Egypt, so for Valentine's Day Jack decided to write a poem just for her that would use the utchat not only as a symbol mentioned in the poem, but also as its general basis. For his gift, he had the poem engraved on a special metal called black bronze, which resembles a shiny black mirror. Underneath the layer of black was a shiny golden surface, so the laser engraving caused this gold layer to be exposed. So the utchat and letters came out as shiny gold, and the rest of the 7" by 7" piece came out as shiny black.

Poetry inspired by ancient Egypt

About The Poet

Jack Wells appreciates fantasy fiction and artwork: knights, dragons, wizards, etc. He particularly enjoys work by Michael Moorcock and Gene Wolfe. He used to draw in the epic fantasy vein, but more recently his artistic side has expressed itself in poetry.

If you would like to send Jack e-mail, his address is drizzt@softcom.net. Please drop him a line!

Poetry inspired by ancient Egypt

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