Miabella's Dance

by Jasmine Kahn

Photo of Miabella

Before she enters the room, the anticipation has begun,
We are here for more than a night of fun.
This very night, she will dance, her appearance soon to be made,
The music begins a mystical and ancient serenade.

Warmth and good feelings are everywhere,
Friendliness and camaraderie we will share.
Someone announces loudly, “She is here”
We know that Miabella is soon to appear.

Suddenly, visions of a dancing dream,
Almost surreal or so it would seem.
Dark eyed Miabella has graced the room,
Her movements are more than simple motions to a tune.

Inspiring and inviting our joyful souls to ascend,
We step out with her around a magical bend.
All normal time seems to have stood still
With everyone sharing what I feel.

Beautiful and graceful, with an ageless soul,
Her hand movements share a story to be told.
Welcomed energy comes from the tips,
A smile of happiness and joy from her lips.

Iridescent chiffon that is her veil,
Imparting the swirls that she has learned so well.
Spinning and bending her form with ease,
It is then that she drops onto her knees.

She places the sword upon her head,
And makes the motions that most would dread.
As all are captivated by her charm,
We know that one slip could do her harm.

Gracefully arising to her feet,
It is then that we know we are in for a treat.
Quickly she places the zills onto her fingers,
Not standing there long will she linger.

Shimmying to a lively tune,
She comes to us who are seated about the room.
Her rhythms are perfect, as she quickly moves her feet,
Even the adornments of her costume keep the doumbec’s beat.

With my body desiring to be set free,
My spirit is way ahead of the physical me.
Though flesh and bone sit in this seat,
My energy is transported within the beat.

It is my wish for all women the chance to share,
Her grace of beauty and magic beyond compare.
For Miabella’s special gift, is not just her dancing skill,
But in the ethereal way that she makes us feel.

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About The Poet

Here's how Jasmine Kahn describes herself:

My real name is Deborah Skelley. I started dancing alone when I was about 5 or 6. I remember this because I was "caught" dancing when I was supposed to be doing homework. One of my favorite activites was to put some lively tunes on my tiny record player and dance.

I discovered belly dance when I was 24 (1979). After one class, I was hooked! I danced at the Wine Cellar in Cumberland, MD. where I met my husband. About a year later, I married and worked at nights. With two children and my husband in school, little time was left for my dancing interests. However, I made it a point, to have several hours each week of "dance exercise" with my sons. I danced with them in my arms as infants until they could stand on their own. We played all types of music from all over the world. I believe that their love of music is equally as important as their ability to read.

Now that I am older, and my sons are teenagers, I find time again for belly dance classes. I am enjoying the camaraderie of my fellow students and my wonderful teacher, Miabella, of Fort Worth. I will continue to dance as it is the life of my soul.

If you would like to contact Jasmine Kahn, send her email at Jasmine_Kahn@hotmail.com.

Belly Dance Poetry Bellydance Belly Dancing Bellydancing Belly Dancers Bellydancers Bauchtanzen

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