Artists Of The Dance

by Sha Had Aroba

You inspire me
   Artists of the dance
I see in you
   The beauty of a stance
You have taught me grace and poise
   Dignity divine
An awakening
   Of body, soul, and mind
I've learned from you - abandonment
   A will I never knew
An understanding of myself
   Alleviating moods
The air of which I breath
   I take into my soul
Allowing it to burst with pride
   Agile, fluid, and bold
I have joined space with space
   Freeing lost emotions
Awaking forces obsolete
   Through physical devotion
In this - I've found serenity
   Few have yet to meet
A wholeness and a joy
   Fulfilling and complete

© 1987 by Sha Had Aroba, All Rights Reserved

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About The Poet

Sha Had Aroba, also known as Kay Gerdes, started Middle Eastern Dancing in 1981 with the Rubaiyats of Port Angeles, Washington in the northwestern U.S. The wife of her supervisor at work was a dancer for many years and was her first teacher. She has danced in shows, fairs, for family and friends, at Mediterranian Festivals and at a Middle Eastern dance festival known as Fantasia.

She has enjoyed dancing mainly because it has kept her in shape and given her a great deal of joy. It has taught her a lot about herself and given her many opportunities to expand her life. She has written many dance poems that express her feelings about the dance and how it has enriched her life. She has written poems about other dancers because they inspired her to keep dancing when at times she was too busy with life to dance.

Sha Had Aroba is a costume designer who has made many costumes for herself and others. She does intricate beading on her costumes and has designed turbans, the Sha Had Aroba hip scarf, hats, and vinyl girdles which are easy and inexpensive to make. She is an amateur photographer and enjoys taking photos of dancers. Her poems have appeared in Jareeda magazine from 1989-1993. One of her costumes appeared in the January 1992 issue.

Kay has been married to Bill Gerdes for 34 years and has two grown sons. Her family has always supported her dancing. She will soon be a grandparent for the first time and is very excited! She works in a day care center and loves her job. She is going to college to get her Early Childhood Education certificate.

Belly Dance Bellydance Belly Dancing Bellydancing Dancers

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The poetry on this page was done by Sha Had Aroba. Copyright 1987 by Sha Had Aroba. All rights reserved. If you want to use it elsewhere, you must first get permission. To request such permission, contact Shira, who will then contact her on your behalf.

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