by Myrrha

Music swells, the sound inflates the breast
The song takes flight and the figure swirls
Inspired, the wings do seek their crest.
As passion gains height - the pinion unfurls.

A rhythmic pattern captivates the spirit!
The respiring wind stimulates furor
And the watchers bend as if to be more near it,
But this flight is only for this bird to soar.

Music pulsates faster, the flier flutters
Then deliberately spins out whole length
And rising face to sky she utters
A ululation signaling her strength.

Now the soaring figurant descends,
Golden tones fade like the setting sun,
The wings enfold, the flying ends,
The spiring tableau is done.

This artwork was created by Myrrha specifically to accompany this poem. If your browser is set to disable images, then you are missing an important part of the poet's vision of how her work should be presented!

Belly Dance Bellydance Belly Dancing Bellydancing Belly Dancers Bellydancers Bauchtanzen

About The Poet/Artist

Photograph Of Myrrha

Myrrha, also known as Donna Blakley, created this beautiful poem and its accompanying drawing to be used together. She has been doing Middle Eastern dance for many years, but not as many as she has been involved in poetry and artwork.

Myrrha is on the Bellyjam planning committee and designed the logo for Bellyjam. She teaches at Habeeba's Dance of the Arts and is a member of the dance troupe Mirage. She has also danced/choreographed with Rakset Afrabia and Perizada.

If you would like to correspond with Myrrha, her e-mail address is

Belly Dance Bellydance Belly Dancing Bellydancing Belly Dancers Bellydancers Bauchtanzen

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