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Learn the Arabic Alphabet!

By Arabella



Ladies and gentlemen, if you really love Arabic music, then do yourself a big favor - learn the Arabic alphabet!

It is much easier than you might think, and for the most part, quite logical. And you can do it without leaving home; you can learn it easily from a book.

You will feel very clever indeed, next time you're in an Arabic store and can decipher those squiggles on an album cover.

I recommend two books, because each one covers some material omitted by the other.




The Arabic Alphabet: How to Read & Write It

Written by Nicholas Awde and Putros Samano, published by Lyle Stuart, Inc. in Secancus, New Jersey. Can be ordered directly from Indigo Books, takes 4-6 weeks to deliver.

Arabic Alphabet Book Cover

Arabic Reading & Writing Made Easy

Written by Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips. I'm very proud to say that Dr. Philips is a Torontonian. The book consists of 8 lessons, and each takes about 3 hours to complete. But you will be amazed at how much you can read after the first two! Costs about $12.00.

ICNA Book Service

100 McLevin Avenue
Unit 3A
Toronto M1B 2VS

Telephone: (+1) (416) 609-2452
or (+1) (877) 301-ICNA (4262)
Fax: (+1) (416) 292-2437

ICNA Book Service

391 Burnham Thorpe RD-G
Oakville L6J 4Z2

Telephone: (+1) (905) 257-5782
Fax: (+1) (905) 257-0848

Web Site:

Dawah Centre

1168 Bloor Street West
Toronto M6H 1N1

Telephone: (+1) (416) 536-8433
Fax: (+1) (416) 536-0417

Web Site:




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About the Author

Arabella, the author of this article, has contributed many informative pieces to this web site on a variety of topics, including:

  • Analysis of technique for doing certain dance moves
  • Costume ideas
  • Essays and opinion pieces
  • Understanding Middle Eastern music
  • Helpful how-to's, such as remembering choreography

Please visit Arabella's home page on this web site for a full list of articles she has contributed.

Arabella began her dance studies with Russian Ballet classes. Frustrated by ballet's impossible ideals, and curious about more ethnic dance disciplines, she moved on to study various other dance forms. Moving further east each time, these included Spanish flamenco, Escuela Bolera, Middle Eastern, and East Indian Odissi.

Arabella, based in Toronto, Canada, is also a certified Mastercraftsman in crewel embroidery, with a special passion for metal thread and ethnic embroidery. Currently she particularly focuses on Palestinian and East Indian embroidery.

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