Dances With Cows

Have you ever seen a cow dance? Yes, you heard me. A dancing cow. This page features a video clip that shows my brother Tom Elliot, who runs a dairy farm 3 miles northwest of Strawberry Point, Iowa, dancing with one of his cows in 1994.

Cow Icon<==Click on this cow icon to view the video.

Even though this video appears on my site, The Art Of Middle Eastern Dance, I suppose I should tell you that it has nothing to do with belly dancing. My brother and I haven't yet figured out a way to teach his cows to shimmy -- they just know how to do social dancing.

The video file is almost 4 megabytes in size, so it'll take you a while to download it. At 28.8 kbps modem speed, it will probably take you a little under half an hour to download it as long as the Internet isn't too congested at the time you try. When the download is complete, if your browser window just shows a still image of a bunch of cows, try clicking on the image to activate the video playback.

Tom and Sally Elliot

Tom and his wife Sally are shown in the picture to the right. Tom is holding a potato gun which our mom's husband Duane made for him. The potato gun fires pieces of potato as ammunition.

VIDEO CREDIT: Videography by William M. Smith of Sunnyvale, California.

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