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Romance Novels

Star Books marked with a star are Shira's top picks.


The Leslie Family Series

The Kadin. By Bertrice Small. The Kadin
Love Wild and Fair. By Bertrice Small. Love Wild and Fair


The Skye O'Malley Series

Skye O'Malley. By Bertrice Small. Skye O'Malley
Love for All Time. By Bertrice Small. Love for All Time
All the Sweet Tomorrows. By Bertrice Small. All the Sweet Tomorrows
Lost Love Found. By Bertrice Small. Lost Love Found


California Belly Dance Series

New! Shimmy for Me. By Deanna Cameron. Placed online August 4, 2016. Shimmy for Me


Other Romance Novels

Forever and a Baby. By Margot Early. Forever and a Baby
A Memory of Love. By Bertrice Small. A Memory of Love
The Cowboy and the Belly Dancer. By Charlotte Maclay. The Cowboy and the Belly Dancer
New! Master of Silk. By Gia Dawn. Placed online June 27, 2016. Master of Silk



Adventure Tales

The Evangeline Gower Series

Baby Love. By Louisa Young. Baby Love
Desiring Cairo. By Louisa Young. Desiring Cairo
Tree of Pearls. By Louisa Young. Tree of Pearls


Other Adventure Tales

New! Crocodile on the Sandbank. by Elizabeth Peters. Placed online May 30, 2016. Crocodile on the Sandbank
Longarm and the Nevada Belly Dancer. By Tabor Evans. Longarm and the Nevada Belly Dancer
Dancer of Gor. By John Norman. Dancer of Gor
The Spy Who Hated Licorice. By Richard L. Hershatter. Spy Who Hated Licorice
The Belly Dancer in the Barrel of Oil. By Rebecca Newman. Belly Dancer in Barrel of Oil



Archeology & the Ancient Near East

King And Goddess. By Judith Tarr. King and Goddess
New! Crocodile on the Sandbank. by Elizabeth Peters. Placed online May 30, 2016. Crocodile on the Sandbank



Other Fiction

Valide, A Novel of the Harem. By Barbara Chase-Riboud. Valide - A Novel of the Harem



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