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PHOTO CREDIT: Above photo by John Rickman Photography, San Jose, California.

Shira, the Valkyrie

by Artist NikkiJ


Artist NikkiJ's artwork is shown here to allow you to view and appreciate her work. Please do not steal it for use on other web sites, flyers, business cards, or other places. If you wish to use NikkiJ's artwork in such ways, see "About the Artist" below for information on how to contact her to obtain permission.

Shira as a Valkyrie, by Artist NikkiJ



About this Artwork

There used to be an online forum called Bhuz where many belly dancers gathered. At one point, Nik joined it, and expressed interest in doing artwork of dancers based on photos of us. I commissioned four of these.

She was particularly interested in doing pieces with a fantasy flair. So I sent her this photo. I suggested that it made me think of a Valkyrie, but I also said she was free to take a different direction if the photo spoke something else to her. I also invited her to use her own creativity in departing from the original photo. The above painting is the result. I thought it was fierce, and I'm sure you'll agree!

PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by Lina Jang, New York City.



About the Artist

"Artist NikkiJ" is one of the professional names that has been used by Nikole McDonald-Jones.

In her profile at, Nik described herself as follows:

Sit, have a Cup of Coffee with me,

Name's Nikā€¦

As an industry professional, I bring zest, practical storytelling, and a vast skill set. Since I've learned a fair bit about most topics, not only are you getting trained art skills but also YEARS of personal research and knowledge all packed into your assignment.

As I am in relentless pursuit of excellence, this Portfolio is updated bi-monthly with new completed work.

I am a conceptual artist, sequential artist, and an all around creative, excited to display my love for storytelling and artistry.

A terrific sense of humor is my main way of making friends and passing the time with colleagues. I work well within a circle of creatives (though am comfortable working alone at my drawing table), I gain much joy spattering about ideas and doodles, panels and dialogue with a group of artists and writers to ultimately tell a special tale. This is why I love games. Creation is intoxicating.

Alongside my artistic skill, I have a healthy active acting/directing ability. I am a voice actor and a musical talent; these skills all come into creating and telling an effective story, I find.

Here I will provide a short skill overview:

visual arts; such as illustration, design, sequential art

musical arts; such as musical arrangement, piano & percussion, sound design & mixing

Performing arts; voice acting, mic control & dynamics, set design & construction
hardware skills; power tools, computers, printing machines

software skills; Adobe, Autodesk, MicrosoftOffice

handicrafts skills; jewelry, leatherwork incl. armour & holsters, seamstress work

creative writing skills; novels, poetry, songwriting

reliance skills; fire starting, water collection & purification, small game hunting
people skills; listening, prompt, courteous

physical skills; martial arts, weapons training, yoga, dance & massage


She also has an older profile on the Deviant Art web site.



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