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Travel Preparations for the Roaming Belly Dancer



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Belly dancers love to travel, and sometimes our travels even take us to a foreign country such as Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, or otherwise! Here are tips on how to prepare for the big adventure, and a packing checklist to help you make sure you take everything you need. Here are some suggestions on how to prepare and what to take, to help you create your own planning list and packing list customized to your personal needs.

Tip: take everything you expect to need, because the products you like to use probably won't be available in the other country, or may be hard to find. Or, if they are, they may be different from the version you're accustomed to.

ABOUT THE PHOTO: Shira's assistants help her pack for Egypt.

Packing Assistants



Countdown Before Leaving Home

1 Month Before Leaving Home

  • Read the packing list below for ideas.
  • Read the related articles at the bottom of this page for ideas on how to prepare for health needs.
  • Check the expiration date on your passport. If it will expire sooner than 6 months from your arrival in the foreign country, get a new passport. Many countries won't let you in if your passport will expire less than 6 months from the time you arrive.
  • Create a customized packing list for yourself.
  • Decide which clothes you want to take.
  • Determine whether there is anything you need to buy.
  • Start taking probiotic.
  • Buy travel insurance.
  • Plan ahead how to use free time.
  • Make a list of all phone numbers you may need while traveling: credit card issuers to report lost or stolen card, health insurance provider, family, housesitter, etc.
  • Contact health insurance provider to find out how to use insurance if illness, injury, or hospitalization strikes while traveling.
  • Determine whether your luggage is in good enough condition for this trip; replace it if not.
  • Obtain travel size containers for items that need it (shampoo, etc.)
  • Arrange housesitters or petsitters.
  • Find out whether you can buy your visa when you arrive, or whether you need to arrange in advance.

Things to Get

  • Anything on the packing list you need to buy.
  • Cash from the bank for shopping.
  • Extra flashlight batteries.

2 Weeks Before Leaving Home

  • Charge all still camera batteries.
  • Charge all video camera batteries.
  • Clean data off of memory disks or internal camera memory.
  • Contact ATM card and credit issuers to tell them you'll be out of the country.
  • Make sure your bank account linked to your ATM card has enough cash in it for you to use your card abroad.
  • Make sure credit cards are paid off to allow enough credit limit for your overseas charges.
  • Send in advance payments for phone and utilities so you won't fall into arrears while gone.
  • Call your mobile phone provider to find out how to use your phone abroad, whether you need an international calling and data plan, and have them enable your number for international calling.
  • If you buy any new technology to take with you, make sure you know how to use it before leaving home.
  • If taking computer or tablet, make sure it has enough space to accept. photos/video you take while traveling
  • Make a list of photos you want to take so you won't forget.
  • Get plenty of sleep every single night to strengthen immune system.
  • Start packing.
  • Get measurements of anybody you might be buying costumes or other clothing for.
  • Arrange to stop delivery of newspapers and mail while gone.

3 Days Before Leaving Home

  • Start taking melatonin
  • Complete backup of all devices (laptop, tablet, etc.) you plan to take



Packing Tips

  • Use towelettes instead of bottles of liquid for everything possible: insect repellant, sunscreen, makeup remover, hand sanitizer, etc. Bottles sometimes leak inside your luggage.
  • Start packing at least a week before departure, to allow yourself time to buy things you may be missing, launder things you want to take, or remember things you forgot to include.
  • Pack all essential items (prescription medications, etc.) in your carry-on luggage. Sometimes luggage doesn't arrive with you.
  • Pack all rechargeable batteries for cameras, etc. in your carry-on luggage. Most airlines now require this.

ABOUT THE PHOTO: Shira receives assistance packing.





Packing List


___ Skirt(s)
___ Tunic(s)          
___ Dress(es)
___ Dressy outfit           
___ Hair Scarf       
___ Socks              
___ Underwear      
___ Bra(s)                  
___ Sleepwear       
___ Swimsuit         
___ Exercise clothes
___ Shorts & tank
___ Nice shoes
___ Sweater/sweatshirt
___ Warm Slippers 


___ Travel purse   
___ Passport          
___ Photocopy of passport
___ Extra passport photos
___ Money belt
___ Money
___ Correct change for visa
___ Travel insurance policy
___ Keys
___ Photos of loved ones


___ Laundry detergent
___ Safety pins      
___ Sunglasses
___ Glasses & prescrip
___ Flashlight
___ Notepad
___ Travel pillow
___ Fold-up tote
___ Water
___ Tape measure
___ In-flight reading, music


___ Still camera
___ Memory card(s)
___ Camera Charger
___ Camera Battery
___ Video camera
___ Video power cord
___ Firewire or USB cable
___ External hard disk
___ Ear buds
___ Electric plug adapter
___ Travel surge protector
___ RJ45 LAN cable
___ Spare unlocked phone
___ Portable battery charger


___ Toothbrush
___ Toothpaste
___ Dental floss
___ Tweezers
___ Manicure scissors
___ Shampoo
___ Conditioner
___ Comb
___ French twist comb
___ Hair clips
___ Razors
___ Hair Ties
___ Mosquito repellent


___ Guidebook
___ Phrase book


___ Toilet paper
___ Pepto Bismol
___ Dried bananas
___ Probiotic
___ Tums
___ Antihistamine
___ Tissues
___ Vicks/Mentholatum
___ Saline solution
___ Contacts solutions
___ Contacts case
___ Sunscreen
___ Melatonin
___ Lip balm
___ Prescription medicines     
___ Hand sanitizer
___ Throat lozenges
___ Ibuprofen
___ Icy Hot
___ Dietary supplements
___ Feminine hygiene supplies


___ Energy bars
___ Olives
___ Mixed nuts
___ Beef jerky
___ Teabags
___ Immersion heater


___ Costume
___ Makeup
___ Coverup
___ Shoes

Pack the Morning Of

___ Computer & power cord
___ Cell phone & charger
___ Purse
___ Laptop



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