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Dance In Egyptian Movies

by Shira and Maria


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Shira's List

This list identifies Egyptian movies that Shira has seen (or has seen clips from) which contain dance scenes. They are arranged chronologically by year of release.

Movie Title




Dr. Farhat 1935 Tahia Carioca Credited as Taheya Mohamed. Social dance, playing around, not raqs sharqi.
Ghafir Al Darak (The Policeman) 1936 ?  
Bohboh Fi Baghdad (Bohboh in Bagdad) 1942 Houriya Mohamed  
Aheb el Ghalat (I Love This Mistake) 1942 Tahia Carioca  
Al-Khamsa Gneih (The Five Pounds) 1946   The credits don't identify the dancer.
Habib el Omr (Love of My Life) 1947 Samia Gamal Stars Samia Gamal and Farid al-Atrache. Dance scenes include some raqs sharqi, some other dance styles.
Afrita Hanem (The Genie Lady) 1949 Samia Gamal Stars Samia Gamal and Farid al-Atrache. Dance scenes include some raqs sharqi, some other dance styles.
Shatie el-Gharam (Shore of Love) 1950 Tahia Carioca Stars Tahia Carioca and Leila Murad. Includes two excellent raqs sharqi performances by Taheya Carioca.
Asmar Gamil (Dark and Handsome) 1950 Samia Gamal  
Nour el-Ayoun (Light of My Eyes) 1954 Naima Akef Singer is Karem Mahmoud. The song in the dance scene with the large musical instruments is "Aah Men el Hawa", and the lyrics speak of the singer's love for those instruments.
Sigarah wa Kass (A Glass and a Cigarette) 1955 Samia Gamal Stars Samia Gamal, Nabil el-Alfi, Dalida, and Kouka. Dance scenes include some raqs sharqi, some other dance styles.
Mufattish al-A'am (Inspector General) 1957 Tahia Carioca Stars Ismail Yassin and Tahia Carioca
Tamra Henna (Henna Flower) 1957 Naima Akef Stars Naima Akef in her most celebrated role. Also Ahmed Ramzy, Rushdi el-Abaza, and Fayza Ahmed.
Sharia el-Hob (Love Street) 1959 Nagwa Fouad Stars Abdel Halim Hafez and Sabah. This was the very first movie in which Nagwa Fouad appeared, and her role is minor, simply that of dancing in one scene.
Ismail Yassin fil Sign (Ismail Yassin Goes to Prison) 1961 Hoda Shems Eldin Minor role for Hoda Shems El-Din, as a nightclub owner, includes a dance scene.
Shatie el-Hob (Love Beach) 1961 Atoutta Stars Farid al-Atrache, Tahia Carioca, and Samira Ahmed. Tahia Carioca does not dance in this movie unless you count a 7-second spin at the beginning of a scene.
Gharam fi al-Karnak (Love In Karnak) 1965 Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy, & Reda Troupe Directed by Ali Reda. Raqia Hassan appears as one of the dancers in a bit part.
Abi Foq al-Shagara (My Father Is On a Tree) 1969 Nadia Lotfi Stars Abdel Halim Hafez, Nadia Lotfi, and Mervat Amin
Khally Balak Men Zouzou (Pay Heed to Zouzou) 1972 Souad Hosni Stars Souad Hosni, Hussein Fahmy, and Tahia Carioca. Carioca does not dance more than a few seconds.
Fatenah wa-l-Salouk, al- (Beauty & the Scoundrel) 1976 Soheir Zaki Minor role for Zaki, she appears only in one scene, as the dancer in a nightclub. Stars Hussein Fahmy and Mervat Amin.
Raqissa wa-l-Siyasi, al- (The Belly Dancer and the Politician) 1990 Nabila Ebeid Stars Nabila Ebeid and Salah Qabil



Maria's List

The list below represents the Egyptian movies compiled by Maria in her list of movies containing dance scenes. Shira has not seen these, and in most cases has not been able to find them in the Internet Movie Database (imdb). This is not surprising, because imdb's coverage of movies from the Middle East is sparse, and sometimes the transliterations and English titles in imdb are different from those that we might obtain from other sources. If anyone reading this is familiar with these titles, Shira would welcome any additional information you can provide with respect to Arabic-language title, release year, identity of the dancer, etc.

Movie Title




Ah Ya Liel Ya Zaman (Ah! Night Time) 1977   Directed by Ali Reda
Noor Ey Eini   Fifi Abdo  
Paris and Love      
Poor But Happy      
Shafiqa wa Metwal 1979   Egyptian movie, stars Soad Hosni and Ahmed Zaki
Suffering on Smiling Lips      
Third Class      
Thousand and One Kisses      
Vote for Dr. Suleiman     Candelabrum scene
Who Will Put Out the Fire?      



Lists of Egyptian Movies on Other Web Sites

The lists below are not specific to dance. Many of the movies listed do not contain dance scenes.



About Maria

The portion of this page titled "Maria's List" is a subset of a list of over 200 movies from around the world containing belly dance scenes that Maria compiled over the course of several years. In the past, the list resided on Maria's own web site. After she discontinued her web site, she granted permission to Shira to place her list here on so that it wouldn't be lost to the dance community. Click here to see Maria's entire list, which appears in 3 parts.

Maria is a retired professional belly dancer and flamenco dancer from the Boulder, Colorado area. She was one of the main dancers at the House of Marrakesh in LODO Denver and the former Mataam Fez in Boulder.

Maria taught bellydance to hundreds of students in the Boulder area.  She was also Director of World Dance at former dance studio "Dance West". As former Event Manager for Boulder Creek Events, she coordinated and scheduled high profile Boulder events such as the "Boulder Community Dance Stage" at the Boulder Creek Festiva for nine years.

Maria was previously owner of Boulder BellyGrams by Maria, a successful entertainment company. Maria also co-founded a storytelling/musican/dance troupe called "Ziva Dunya" ("bright world"), developing a program "Tales & Rhythms from the Middle East" which they brought to schools, multicultural festivals, senior centers, etc., to great acclaim.

PHOTO CREDIT: This dramatic skirt photo was taken by Fritz Penning.

Photo of Maria

Maria has also worked with Broomfield Heights Middle School from 2000 to 2008, as a choreographer for the after school Dance Club Program. Maria has also been invited as a guest speaker/performer for the "Art Café" which had its premier at the Colorado Art Expo 2003. Maria has also been invited as guest dancer/teacher at women’s retreats, women’s events, and other cultural events in and around the country.

Maria has now retired from dance in order to pursue her education to become a Registered Nurse (RN). She is diligently studying and working as a nurse assistant while she pursues her degree.

Click on either of these two photos of Maria to see the image in more detail.




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