I Am a Woman

By Serena Wilson

I am a woman, wrapped in chiffon and jewels,
Thin silks and girdle of gold.
I stretch my arms...
The embrace encompasses a universe.
I can control a quiver in my hips,
Tell a thousand stories with my eyes,
Skip with child-like glee,
The smile of experience on my lips.
Glide in innocence, endure with age.
Spin like a dervish; undulate in sensuality...
Excite, promise, create, change, tease, mock,
Unveil my passion.
Untiringly seduce the world as I move my body,
For I am a woman...
I am the dancer.

Belly Dance Music


Note from Shira: Serena Wilson, a much-loved dancer from New York City, passed away unexpectedly the evening of June 17, 2007. Her son Scott found this poem among her things, and invited me to post it on this web site.

Serena's dance career spanned 35 years, including performances in major concert halls. Life Magazine did a three-page article on her in 1971 which led many people to learn Oriental dance. Her textbooks on how to belly dance were first printed by Simon & Schuster, and reprinted later by McGraw-Hill.

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