Problem With Your Web Site

Shira will not add your web site to your directory entry at this time because it is not eligible.

You can still request other changes to your entry, such as telephone number. You can also remove obsolete web site information from your entry.


You must fix the problems before you can add your web site to your directory entry.

Please review these policies and fix the problems. You may return to to resume the "update" process after the problems have been resolved.

Please print this page so you can refer to these criteria and ensure that your web site meets every one:

  1. Your site must link to . If you need them, link graphics and advice are available here.
  2. The link to must already be on your site.
  3. You must have tested the link with your browser to make sure it actually goes to
  4. You must not ask Shira to add your site if your link doesn't work yet, even if your webmaster promised it "will be there soon".
  5. You must have a "real" web site, not a social networking page. (Shira does not accept myspace profiles, facebook profiles, Yahoo groups, MSN groups, profiles, blogs, or other social networking pages as "web sites" for purposes of directory entries.)
  6. Your site must not have choices that go to "under construction" pages.
  7. Your site must not contain hate speech, pornography, or advocacy for illegal activity.
  8. The site must contain information about your services as a teacher or professional performer of belly dancing.


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