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Is Your Web Site Eligible To Be Included?



Before asking Shira to add your web site to your directory entry, you need to confirm that your site is eligible.

It must meet these criteria:

  1. It must link to
  2. The link must already be there.
  3. You must have tested it yourself with your browser to make sure it works.
  4. You must not ask Shira to add your site without the link, even if your webmaster promised it "will be there soon".
  5. You must have a "real" web site, not a social networking page. (Shira does not accept myspace profiles, facebook profiles, Yahoo groups, MSN groups, profiles, blogs, or other social networking pages as "web sites" for purposes of directory entries.)
  6. Your site must not have choices that go to "under construction" pages.
  7. It must not contain hate speech, pornography, or illegal activity.
  8. The site must contain information about your services as a teacher or professional performer of belly dancing.

If your site fails to meet the above criteria, it is not eligible. It is your responsibility to examine these criteria and ensure that your site meets them.

Your name can still be in the directory with your telephone number. Just not your web site.


More detail about the above policies can be found on Shira's Frequently Asked Questions page about the directory.




Please answer these questions:

Does your web site already contain the link to
Yes     No
Did you test the link to make sure it actually works?
Yes     No
Is it a "real" web site? (NOT a social networking profile)
Yes     No
Is it free of hate speech, illegal activity, and pornography?
Yes     No
Does it promote your services as a teacher or performer of belly dancing?
Yes     No



Were you able to truthfully answer yes to all five of the above questions?

No       Yes