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  • Incorrect: All capital letters, as "HILDEGARD HAMHOCKER"
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Information to Be Publicly Posted

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How to Contact You

Your Name

  • This should be a person's name. It can be either your real name or your stage name.
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This information is required. You will not be added to the directory without it. You're not required to identify where you live, just where your classes or performances are held.

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Which continent best describes your location?

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Near Eastern Dance Involvement

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Student Professional Solo Performer
Teacher Troupe Director

Note: in the past the "Involvement" allowed dancers to indicate that they are also vendors, event sponsors, and/or choreographers. This has been discontinued. Only the above four options remain.




In which areas are you particularly accomplished? (Check only those items you have spent many years perfecting. A one-day workshop is not enough to develop a specialty.)

Check all that apply.

Oriental Variations

Egyptian Raqs Sharqi (includes baladi & shaabi)
Lebanese Raqs Sharqi
Turkish Oryantal Dans
American Classic (Vintage Oriental)



Cane / Assaya / Stick
Veil or Double Veil
Balancing (Sword, Tray, etc.)
Finger Cymbals

Ethnic / Folkloric

Reda Troupe Style
Kawmiyya Style
Turkish Rom & Folk


Western Stylizations

Tribal (ATS/ITS/Fusion)
Suraya Hilal




In what year did you first begin to study Oriental dance (belly dance)?
In what year did you begin teaching Oriental dance? Leave blank if you don't teach.
Are there any restrictions on gender of students you accept in the classes you teach? I accept only female students.
I accept only male students.
I accept both female and male students.
I don't teach
I don't care to answer this question.



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Yes, I realize this information will be made public.
No, I did not realize that the information I provided would be public.

Did you go back and carefully reread every response above to make sure it is accurate? Yes, I proofread everything.
No, I did not proofread my entries.









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